Why Camp SycamoreRetreat, Renew, Recommit

Go to any church and ask the crowd to raise their hands if a church camp had a positive material impact on their life and hands go up everywhere. However, very few from outside the local churches tend to go. Why is this? Camp Sycamore’s mission is to maximize the reach and influence of one of the most fruitful works the church conducts within the borders of the United States!

Zaccheus climbed a Sycamore tree to get away from the crowd and see Jesus better. As a result, he received Christ gladly (Luke 19:1-10). Church camps are a place to get away from the world, see Jesus better, and receive Christ gladly. Camp Sycamore wants to help fund non-Christian young people to go to quality Christian camps that share our love for the lost. Our prayer is that these camp experiences will reflect God's love and result in many new people coming to Christ that might not have otherwise.