How Can I Help Camp SycamoreRetreat, Renew, Recommit

This journey started and continues with a simple prayer: "Father, we humbly ask you to lead us down the path that will yield the most eternal fruit for Your kingdom. Provide as only You can provide and may all the glory and honor belong to You alone!" Space does not allow for the amazing stories of open doors we have already witnessed leading up to this point.


Financial Givers Needed: If you want to give financially to sponsor one or more non-Christian youth to go to camp, you may do so securely online through the PayPal link on the right or you can mail us a check made out to “Camp Sycamore Genesis Fund” and addressed to 2435 Fairway Wood Circle, Castle Rock, CO 80109. Any gift, no matter the size or form, is sincerely appreciated!

Christian Sponsors Needed: Camp Sycamore is prepared to help cover the cost of a young person going to a Christian camp, but only if they have a responsible adult Christian sponsor. A sponsor’s responsibilities include:

  • Attending the same camp that the young adult attends. Examples of sponsors include:
    • Camp staff
    • Camp volunteers:
      • A youth minister at the church where the youth is visiting
      • Another adult at the church where the youth is visiting
  • Draft or review the young person’s application for the camp and this scholarship
  • Serve as a mentor to the young adult while at the camp and afterwards
  • Serve as a point of contact for camp staff if issues arise with the camp with the goal of positive resolution and a good experience for all.